2018, the year of the vape

Hello all!

So lets get it out the way, no I’m not dead and no I haven’t been kidnapped by a bunch of goblins. I have been incredibly busy with the shops and website (key vape) shameless plug sorry! What all this has meant is that I just have had no time to put into my blog or my coil building, although it has given me an opportunity to speak to many a vaper, old and new alike which has given me a fresh insight into how I feel the vaping industry is going.



The last few months in the shops have been incredible, the popularity and reputation  of our rag tag team of vapers has grown phenomenally. I know that sounds like I’m tooting our own horn and to an extent I suppose I am, after all  I’m incredibly proud of what we are achieving. The reason I mention our upward trend is that I’ve noticed that our customers have become so incredibly varied. Once upon a time the main kind of vaper would be the younger male wanting to “throw huge clouds” and that’s fine, by all means throw away good sir throw away! Anyway, back on to the point, we are now finding that the only common denominator is that the cutomers don’t want to smoke anymore and want to try vaping. To me, this is fantastic, because it means that people are starting to get the message and that they are not being bullied by scaremonger tactics that are being used by some, (not going to name names, but they should be ashamed). The only reason I ever got involved in the vaping industry is because I believe in the value it offers to the health of our society, don’t worry, I don’t think I’m some kind of Messiah, just a short hairy bloke from the North (bit like John Snow but prettier).



So with the dust now settling on the year that TPD landed in UK, I feel we can look back and see that while there was a lot of understandable concern around the regulations, it hasn’t been the doomsday that some people were predicting (shame really, I’ve got a lot of tinned baked beans that don’t know what to do with).

Instead, what I’ve seen is an industry that has accepted they are a necessary evil that, in my humble opinion has had a mostly positive impact on the industry. After all these are products that we are putting in to our bodies (the vapor not your device, you rude, rude people!) I want to know that the eliquid has been made in a safe and hygienic environment with ingredients that are deemed safe for human consumption, not Bob down the road in his garage with his backside hanging out, picking his nose and dropping in some eye of newt just like some kind of medieval witch.

The eagle eyed readers out there would have noticed that I said mostly, the reason? Well the unbelievably bizarre move of restricting tanks to a 2ml capacity and 10ml bottles. Why are on earth someone thought that would make sense is beyond me, all it has created  is quite a restricted market that, to an extent, has stifled innovation. Plus the extra waste from the 10ml bottles that we have to now use is absolutely bonkers, lets not forget the poor customers here, at this rate, they’re all going to have calloused fingers and arthritis with all the refilling they are having to do. I’ve been asked many a time as to why they did this, and the honest truth is, I don’t really know, I cannot come up with a reasonable explanation.



So, what can we expect this year? Well I’m no Mystic Meg, but I do have a snow globe that I shall stare into. I see squonkers, yes squonkers. What is a squonker? I here you cry! A squonker is amod that has a squeezable bottle built into the device with a tube connecting the bottle to the positive 510 connection (the gold pin where your atomiser screws on). The positive of both the connector and your 510 pin on the atomiser have a whole in the centre, allowing juice to travel up through the 510 in to your atomiser when the bottle squeezed.

The reason I predict that squonkers are going to be big this year is A: it’s already starting to happen and B: Due to the TPD regulations, having up to a 10ml bottle built into your device as opposed to having a 2ml tank where you are filling up every 2 seconds, is a far more attractive proposition. Now let’s clear up the rude sounding name (well it is to me, but I will forever be a teenage boy in my head) squonk refers to the sound the bottle makes when you stop squeezing and excess juice sucks back in to the bottle. It makes sense, but it is fairly rude sounding.

I also expect to see far more 3D printed devices, the reason being is that they are pretty durable and light. The cost of 3D printed devices tend to be cheaper too due to the fact they are usually cheaper to make than the traditional materials used for devices. Don’t get me wrong, we are still going to see some fantastic and well, crap devices being made in the traditional way.

What I would like to see, however I’m not 100% convinced we will. Is a look at the more restrictive and, in my opinion, unnecessary parts of the regulations, like the 2ml tanks. I would also love to see the end to the ridiculous need by some eliquid manufactures to plagiarise other well known brands in the world, this is incredibly damaging to our reputation as an established and mature industry. Something we must have, if we are to continue as an industry and to continue to help the millions of smokers out there quit the cancer sticks.



All in all I believe that it shall be a good year for the industry and the consumer. With a vast amount of variety and innovation inbound this year, it is truly an exciting time to be a vaper and even more exciting to the many that decide to quit smoking and join the vaping revolution.

I truly hope to see many more people decide to quit, as the benefits are there to see for all. If however you are not convinced, maybe come and see me at one of the Key Vape stores I work in, we can have a chat and you never know, you might decide to give it a shot.

Whatever the decisions we all make this year, may we all have a positive and rewarding 2018. I will try to be more consistent with my posts, I promise!








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