It’s just bad manners

So, we’ve all seen it. The vaper who thinks it’s “cool” to be blowing out huge vapour clouds in the middle of a pub. Well this is the kind of perception that the general public are starting to have of vapers. That we are all inconsiderate knuckle draggers that think it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread.

I like to throw the odd cloud

There’s a little vapor machine in most of us….

It’s true, a lot of vapers like to throw a cloud the size of a small country. Ask my wife, she has witnessed my attempts to blot out the sun with a single exhale, and it’s OK to want to do this. We are hopefully all grown adults that can make our own decisions even if that includes the  incessant need to imitate a steam train from time to time. What frustrates me is that, while it’s not illegal to vape in an establishment or in any place in the UK at the time of writing (as far as I’m aware) every establishment has the right to make there own rules and expect the public to adhere to them. So when somebody clearly flaunts these rules whether having a cheeky small vape so no one notices or pulling the biggest rip known to man, you are being incredibly disrespectful.  Even when vapers are allowed to vape in public spaces, at least have the common decency to respect your surroundings and others who may not want to inhale your latest caramel and cream slice vape. There is a simple thing that all English folk love, manners. Hell why do you think we love a queue or two?! However in all walks of life there is people out there that just don’t care how there actions affect other folk, I’m not saying the rest of us angels, we all mess up. I’m talking about the folk that just don’t care. Vaping is no exception to this rule.


We’re not all the same

My point of this ramble, which, to be honest, has become quite heated, is that disrespectful dicks are everywhere. So when you see that disrespectful vaper throwing that huge cloud while someone is trying to enjoy a meal, remember, that this person is a dick that vapes, not a dick vaper and not all dicks vape but are still dicks. I’ve said dick too many times now, and please all vapers remember your manners, that we all use as part of common sense. I know this is not aimed at 95% of vapers but it’s the 5% that are doing the damage to our already tarnished image that we, as a vaping community have.

Upon reflection

I don’t really know who this rambling is really aimed at, I just needed to vent this. I suppose everything I’ve ranted about can be practiced in all aspects of our lives, I’m sure the majority of people do. So what do you think? do I have a point or do I need to get down from my pedestal? By all means discuss this, after all this is how understanding and tolerance are achieved. Something that the vaping community needs if it is going to be around for the long term, which I truly hope it is.

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