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Welcome to the first of hopefully many blog entries that my mind can conjure up. This blog, if you haven’t already guessed, is all about the topic of vaping. The ins and outs, the latest and downright bizarre happenings in the world of vaping, the art of coil building and much more!
I am in no way an expert in all that is vaping but I do consider myself to be fairly-knowledgeable on the subject due to my obsession of this topic. I feel it’s probably a good idea to get into the meat and veg of the post before we all get bored, so sit back, grab a brew and hopefully enjoy!

Vaping, is it less harmful than smoking?
When it comes to vaping everybody has an opinion, some close to the truth and others incredibly farfetched. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticising anyone, after all we can only know what we are told or read and I’m no different in this. All I can do is put across my views on the subject.
So, is vaping dangerous to your health? I truly wish there was a simple answer to this but unfortunately there isn’t. What I can say is that numerous studies have been done on the topic as to whether vaping is hazardous to our health, and, for me, the study done by the Royal college of Physicians is a stand out study. I say this not because it is mostly pro vaping but because it is a balanced and unbiased study into the effects of vaping that has been carried out by a well-respected and knowledgeable body.
To break the report down to its basic findings it states that the current understanding is that vaping is 95% safer than traditional combustible tobacco i.e. cigarettes, which contain over 4,000 chemicals (including 43 known cancer-causing compounds). While it would be nice to think that vaping is 100% safe the reality is that we as vapers are putting something into our body that would not be normally be found there but you know what? 95% safer is good enough for me to stay off the cancer sticks which I know is more than likely going to kill me.

Of course, I’m not going to sit in my office chair and say that there are no long-term health issues from vaping because quite simply we just don’t know yet, what I do know is that cigarettes DO have long term affects that are truly devastating and I would much rather take my chances with vaping which so far studies are showing is far less harmful.
If you are interested in reading the report done by the Royal college of physicians here’s the link to their website and article.

While I know it may not necessarily be the most comfortable of reads, I do feel it is important that we do know what health issues cigarettes cause. That’s why I have also linked the website for Cancer Research below.

My Experience
As a long-term smoker (17 years to be precise! God I’m getting old…) I was feeling the effects of smoking was having on my health and my personal life. The fact walking up the stairs was a stairway to heavy breathing and sweating which sounds far more exciting than the reality! The thought of going on a walk with my wife was a daunting prospect, something I avoided as much as possible. Sounding like an old worn out car wiper blade as I slept and an over excited walrus in the morning as I cough up a lung or two was for me at least a sign that something wasn’t quite right especially if you consider I was only 31 at the time.
Deep down I knew that it was smoking that was causing these issues to my health but having tried to quit smoking so many times using so many different methods: gum, patches, inhaler and cold turkey. Failing every time, I didn’t believe I could quit and would have to accept my inevitable fate of dying at a young age. Thankfully I found vaping.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t plain sailing. Like with any addiction, it is difficult to break the habit. Not just the actual inhaling of tobacco smoke but the ritual of rolling a cigarette bringing it to your mouth and having something in your hand. All this, and the sensation of the smoke in the mouth and inhaling, add to the experience. Thankfully vaping, for me at least, ticked all these boxes. I hold the mod (the device) and I have the vapor which does a pretty, damn good job at replacing the effect of smoke plus I’m getting my nicotine which is the most important thing.
Since turning my back on the cancer sticks and embracing vaping my health has improved tenfold; all the above-mentioned health issues are all but gone. I still try and avoid walking sometimes just because I’m not a big fan and I’ve put a lot of time into my pot belly to go and risk it by losing weight!
Either way, I’m incredible grateful that I found vaping. I hope many more people find it too and are not put off by the false information out there; that, my friends, would be a crying shame. Anyway, on that note I hope you have enjoyed the journey that was reading this post, I will be back with more blogs soon enough!
By-all-means, share your own thoughts on the subject by leaving a comment being, where possible, respectful to your fellow man and remember all that I have written is an opinion and any facts have come from the link to the Royal college of physicians.

Keep vaping guys!

4 thoughts on “The first of many

  1. It is very nice that you found a proper replacement of smoking cigarettes. I don’t know anything about vaping but now thanks to you I can expand my knowledge. I have a question though, is vaping the same as smoking narghile? I’ve tried narghile and I really liked the fruity taste… but what is the difference?

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    1. Thank you Sylvia, I don’t know too much about narghile. For what I’ve seen it’s what I know as a Hookah, even then I wouldn’t want to say as I’ve never tried one. With Vaping you have an incredible amount of variety when it comes to flavours. With vaping you don’t need to have nicotine in your eliquid,

      Liked by 1 person

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